10 Reasons You Should Be Wearing an Awesome Undershirt

Even people who pay attention to their clothing often skimp on the details—cheap underwear, undershirts, socks. But there’s a lot to be said for a wearing a nice set of undergarments; today, we’ll explain why YOU should be wearing a premium undershirt (and, ideally, premium everything else to match).

1. Comfort

Undershirts exist for comfort. Investing in an awesome undershirt means you get to feel comfortable no matter what else you’re wearing or what the circumstances may be.

2. Longer-lasting

Good garments and apparel last longer. Whether it’s boots, suits, or underwear, you’re not really spending as much on premium goods as you think you are—because you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

3. Confidence-boosting

It’s hard not to swagger a bit when you know you’re wearing the best of the best, even out of sight. Like the Lord of the Rings actors who wore Elvish underwear to get into character, you can toss on an organic Egyptian cotton undershirt to get yourself into a premium mindset.

4. A proper fit

Like any garment, the first difference you’ll notice between premium goods and the cheap stuff will be how the item is tailored for a proper fit.

5. Keeps your clothes fresh

Whether you’re thinking about deodorant stains or perspiration, a premium undershirt protects your clothing against both. If you’re wearing an awesome outfit, pair it with an awesome undershirt—it’s cheaper and more convenient than having to fret over freshness.

6. Keeps YOU fresh

A really good undershirt isn’t just keeping sweat off your clothes, it’s keeping you dry and comfortable as well. No one likes the funk of old sweat.

7. Shaped right to stay tucked

Even if a cheap undershirt fits well AS A SHIRT, many are designed poorly as undershirts. A premium undershirt will stay tucked no matter what you’re up to, while still fitting properly elsewhere.

8. Protects against friction

A good undershirt can protect against friction and other unpleasant feelings from your outer clothing—buttons, zippers, tags, stitching. A premium undershirt does this without sacrificing other benefits.

9. Helps your outfit look its best

With the help of an awesome undershirt, your clothing can look closer to the ideal. It helps keep sheer materials from turning transparent under the wrong lighting, and if you’re going to let it peak, it’s got to stand up on its own merits as a premium component in your outfit.

10. Undershirts don’t always stay out of sight

Whether you’re thinking about the gym or a more intimate setting, it’s a fact that your undershirt might make an appearance under the right circumstances. Own that, and wear something flattering.

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