Can Great Underwear Help You Ace That Interview?

When it comes to that time of attending an important interview, there’s no benefit too small and no edge too minor to ignore.

Obviously, the clothes you wear count towards your overall impression – but what about the clothes other people don’t see? Does a premium undershirt made of organic Egyptian cotton make you any more likely to get the job than cheap ones from a discount bin at your local supermarket? Let’s look at what you stand to gain:

First and foremost, let’s appreciate the practical benefits of wearing superior underwear. The first benefit of an undershirt, or of any premium underwear, is in keeping sweat under control. If you’re like a lot of people, and sweat under pressure, this becomes doubly or triply important as a feature when it’s time to go in for a high-stakes interview.

A premium undershirt does the job better, keeping you cleaner and fresher—even if you’re sweating buckets.

Of course, you need to also consider the way a good undershirt looks. Depending on what you’re wearing to your interview, it may matter—the right lighting on the right shirt can reveal what’s beneath. If it’s a good undershirt, no problem. If it’s a terrible generic tank top, you might have a mark against you before you even begin to speak.

You should also consider the fit when looking at undershirts, which is another area where going cheap can be a headache and investing more can work well. It’s not going to do you any favors if an ill-fitting, cheap undershirt makes the clothing you’re wearing over the top look ill-fitting and misshapen. A good undershirt knows what it’s there to do and does it, so your overclothes look their best.

There’s something else you stand to gain from wearing great high-end underwear: a premium mindset. The story goes that for the Lord of the Rings films, actors wore authentic ‘Elven underwear’ at the direction of Peter Jackson. No one would ever see this underwear, but it was worn nonetheless – why? Because it helped put the actors in a different headspace, helped them be inside the fantasy from their head to their toes, on the surface and beneath.

Ultimately, your undershirt isn’t going to get you the job. But it can give you the edge you need in your appearance, in your mentality, and in your comfort. If you really want to get the job, that edge is something well worth investing in.

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