How Crappy Underwear Can Ruin Your Designer Shirts

You might think, “no one sees my undershirt, so why should I spend a ton of money on it?”

But if you’re spending money on designer shirts, you’re going to want to also invest in premium undershirts. Even though (almost) no one sees them, they’re still an essential part of your wardrobe. Here are four reasons why a premium undershirt is a necessary investment:

1. You’ll avoid unsightly ridges

Cheap undershirts will always show through your dress shirts. There will be bumps and ridges where your dress shirt is lying on top of the collar or sleeves of your undershirt. Moseri undershirts, on the other hand, don’t have any ridges around the collar or sleeves, providing you with a smooth, seamless look.

2. You can prevent sweat stains

Sweat stains are the downfall of many designer dress shirts. They take time to appear, but once they’re embedded in your nice shirts, they’re almost impossible to get out. Moseri undershirts have strategically placed piping and a unique weaving pattern to absorb moisture and prevent it from staining your dress shirt.

3. You can prevent odor

Sweat doesn’t just stain. It smells. What’s the point of getting dressed up in your nice designer shirt and then putting off your date with your BO? All the money you spent on the shirt won’t matter in the least. An undershirt made of organic Egyptian cotton goes a long way when it comes to odor protection. But of course, remember to wear deodorant as well.

4. Get longer lasting undershirts

How many of the undershirts that you’re currently wearing are frayed or have holes in them? Yeah, that’s what I thought. When you buy cheap undershirts, you get what you pay for. They don’t last long before they start to fray or get holes. You don’t want to buy new undershirts because you just bought them, so you wear the ones with the holes in them. Then, next thing you know, you’ve got an awful sweat stain on your designer dress shirt. Save yourself the trouble of constantly buying new undershirts and get some that are built to last.

Convinced? If yes, visit the Moseri Underwear site to check out our products. If you’re not convinced yet, good luck wearing a designer dress shirt with sweat stains. Your date will be very impressed.

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