3 Reasons Why Einstein, who hated socks, would have loved this undershirt…

It’s safe to assume that Einstein, a thinking man whose theory of relativity brought much to modern physics, would have understood and appreciated the exact science of designing an undershirt that purposefully provides so many benefits to the wearer. From a durable and seamless design to odor-repelling benefits, these undershirts are built to take a licking and keep on ticking, not to mention provide a seamless smooth backdrop for your dress shirts. Who could ask for more? Einstein certainly wouldn’t argue with these concrete benefits.

1. Odor wicking technology

High-quality certified Egyptian cotton both promises and delivers a fabric that will breathe, eliminating trapped odors in your clothing with strategically placed moisture absorbing piping. This is the promise of the Moseri undershirt. Einstein would have loved them and so should you. Any undergarment that works to keep you comfortable and fresh all day long deserve your accolades.

2. Structurally strong and durable design

Moseri undershirts boast an extremely tight weave and careful stitching, ensuring that these undershirts will be resistant to fraying and other unfortunate consequences that come from consistent wear and tear. Simply put, our undershirts are stitched to last and withstand the assault that time places on any and everything, and still come out fray-free and in near new condition.

3. Smooth design

What good is a quality undershirt if its appearance is obtrusive and annoyingly obvious? Not so good, right? This is why Moseri undershirts over promise and over deliver a seamless and smooth appearance underneath your dress shirts. No more bumpy shoulders and bulky ridges, only fluid lines that meld perfectly with your shirts and provide that finished appearance on top of all the other practical benefits that Moseri is known for. Think cutting-edge textile engineering and skin-loving fabrics that don’t disappoint.

Einstein may not have worn socks but he would have worn Moseri undershirts. What thinking man wouldn’t? Any undershirt that both promises and delivers a superior seamless design that gives your dress shirts that polished finish and is designed with odor-absorbing piping as well as superior Egyptian cotton deserves your time and attention.

Your skin deserves all the benefits that these undershirts deliver so lead the way by wearing a Moseri undershirt that marries superior style to comfort and durability. You can’t go wrong. Einstein would have and so should you.

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