6 Ways a Premium Undershirt Can Improve Your Sex Life

Hi to the guys who are considering buying our premium organic Egyptian cotton undershirts to enhance your sex lives! Hi ladies, or other guys, who are thinking of buying such a gift for your personal passion provider! Below are six proven ways that this blog title is the unvarnished truth. However, please be aware that, when we say ‘proven’ and ‘truth’ – we are using these terms in the spirit of the prevailing fake news climate.

ONE: Anything from Egypt is sexy. Don’t even argue this point; just think Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia or Dr Zhivago. He always wore organic cotton undershirts as he swung into action. Probably.

TWO: Organic cotton next to the skin increases the sex drive in all men by 43.78%. This is true both when they are wearing it, and for 23 minutes and 41 seconds after it has been removed – which, as we all know, should be plenty long enough! This amazing survey result, which we’ve just discovered in a report from a University North Toronto Retail Undershirt Experiment (please don’t make an acronym from the initials), will no doubt be flagged up on several of the President’s favourite news sources in the very near future.

THREE: Women believe that men in premium Egyptian cotton organic undershirts are more sensitive, more in tune with nature, more likely to have actually heard of the word foreplay, and more likely to make a romantic post-coital breakfast that might not simply be refried beans and hash browns – or the final slice of pizza from the box. Yes, women do believe this, at least the ones who were interviewed by our team of undershirt wearing male supermodels in that bar in Dallas. By the way, ladies, could we have them back now please? Their agency is giving us serious grief.

FOUR: These superb organic Egyptian cotton premium undershirts retain their shape and style no matter how often they are suddenly ripped off and tossed aside like a voter after election day.

FIVE: Woven into the texture of our superb undershirts is a magic ingredient, one that only a lover can detect, and from very close range. Tell your lover; they might actually buy it! Or even get you an undershirt as a gift.

SIX: Organic is really exactly the same as orgasmic. Honestly. So, get yourself – or your man – inside one of these hot little orgasmic numbers now.

They are available for everybody here at our Moseri Thinking Man’s Underwear Store.

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