Excuse me, when did thinking go out of fashion?

Aristotle once called man the rational animal.

If only the ancient Greek philosopher was alive today, he might seriously reconsider his evaluation of the human species. Fake news, Twitter rants, and a precipitous decline in critical thinking skills appear to be the norm rather than the exception.

The thinking man is bombarded by affronts to logic, good taste, and high standards nearly every day. What is behind this shocking erosion in our collective mental hygiene? And what can be done to restore reflective thought and good judgment to their rightful places?

First, let’s look at 3 reasons the thinking man is under siege:

Reality TV

“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself.” Inviting the Kardashians, O.J Simpson, and Britney Spears into our living rooms has dumbed everyone down.


“To every complex problem there is a simple solution – and it’s usually wrong.” By pandering to the lowest common denominator and peddling in monosyllabic banalities, government leaders have done as much to erode civic discourse as any group.

We the public

Crowdsourcing and the wisdom of the herd are all the rage. It’s downright unfashionable to use logic, facts, or other objective measures when it comes to decision-making. If it feels good, then ‘go for it’ runs the new ethos. However, when this motto is widely adopted, it leads to a mob mentality where “reason becomes the slave to the passions.”

But wait! There is a better way.

During more civilized times, reason and emotion were in harmony. Men of character, refinement, and excellence were admired as exemplars to us all. Some of us still take that approach.

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