Why building a wall is great – for Mexican ladder factories

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Mar 29

Let’s do a quick experiment.

Type ‘Mexican ladder factory’ into one of the main search engines and it will bring up about 49 million results. Intriguingly, one such response reveals that one of America’s biggest ladder factories is allegedly owned by… a Mexican corporation! Which probably simply underlines the lunacy of erecting barriers, to trade as well as to the desperate.

As the suppliers of organic Egyptian cotton undershirts, you’re probably not surprised at our belief in a borderless society – as well as our desire to provide premium undershirts for all.

Who else might benefit from the wall?

Well, the Mexican Urban Shovel Holders, a local trade union, has stated that: ‘We deplore the idea of such an inhuman barrier; our hard-working members expect to become quite rich in the near future’. Okay, we made up all that MUSH (gettit?), but if this matter wasn’t so potentially tragic, it would be hard to take it seriously.

After all, is a wall ever really a permanent barrier?

Think of two of the world’s great walls. First, the Great Wall of China: one of its key duties now is as a place for tourists to take a nice stroll. Similarly, Hadrian’s Wall in northern England was built in Roman times – allegedly to keep out the mad hordes from the north. Except that members of the same tribes often lived on both sides of the wall, and provided services to the Roman ‘invaders’.

We all know that walls can be climbed and walls can be tunneled under. They can be attacked and breached, or simply flown over. Probably, like the famous pair mentioned above, walls are often built to make political statements, to show might and financial power, as much as for any other purpose.

Luckily, with the US finances in such a healthy state, spending billions (if not trillions) of dollars, while pretending that someone else is paying for it, is no problem. Who really needs healthcare anyway?

See, it’s difficult not to become flippant.

Yet, we know that this is a serious matter. In a world more interconnected than ever before, barriers and borders are increasingly irrelevant. Please take a moment to read our statement: ”Why the thinking man hates borders.” From that Great Wall of China to the Berlin Wall, we deplore the desire to divide and to keep apart.

Finally, it was hard not to be affected by Irish prime minister Enda Kenny’s quiet but moving speech (in front of the president during his St Patrick’s Day visit) about America’s proud history of welcoming immigrants, where he referred to the original Irish arrivees as: ‘the wretched refuse on the teeming shore’.

Nowadays, it might not be those arriving who could best be described as wretched.

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