Nine Reasons Organic Egyptian Cotton is King

You’ve heard or read the term “Egyptian cotton” on almost every advertisement for bed sheets you’ve ever encountered. Manufacturers tout it as the holy grail of comfortable next-to-the-skin fabrics. And, they’re right. That’s why Moseri uses only Organic Egyptian cotton in its entire line of premium underwear. Here’s what makes it so awesome:

1. Softer, more luxurious feel

The incredibly soft feel is the first thing you’ll notice about organic Egyptian cotton and may be the last thing you’ll care about. The remaining eight reasons all bow down to this.

2. Longer staples

It’s important to mention this now because this single characteristic is key. The staples, or fibers, are the longest of any cotton grown anywhere in the world and are the reason for practically every other benefit of Egyptian cotton.

3. Higher thread count

Longer staples produce thinner threads, so there are more per square inch of fabric. That makes Moseri premium undershirts stronger and gives them that luxuriant suppleness.

4. No pilling

Egyptian Cotton’s naturally lustrous texture slides against other fabrics and doesn’t form those nasty little fur balls that you see on inferior products. After all, fur balls are for cats not men!

5. Durability

Egyptian cotton is picked exclusively by hand, sparing it a lot of the wear and tear mechanical harvesting inflicts, thus maintaining its longer, stronger staples.

6. Cost

Straight up, Moseri Underwear is less expensive because it outlasts underwear made with lesser cotton.

7. It’s organic

This matters because it’s good for the environment and great for cotton. Insecticides and harsh chemicals weaken the staples and lead to an inferior product, and they can also produce allergies and wreak havoc on sensitive skin.

8. Absorbant

Egyptian cotton is extremely porous and absorbs moisture far better than lower-grade cotton. That means you can say goodbye to underarm stains and embarrassing odors. Nothing keeps you dryer and more comfortable.

9. Breathability

This probably should have made it closer to the top, but let’s just say we saved the second best for last. While you might think that a higher thread count makes for a denser, tighter weave, you’d be dead wrong. In fact, those thinner threads enable a much higher rate of aeration, or air flow, and that means comfort. It also adds to organic Egyptian cotton’s natural odor-free wearability.

These nine reasons, coupled with Moseri’s proprietary M-Knit™ technology, mean that your borderless tanks and tees will never fray, no matter how many times you wash them.

Moseri – The Thinking Man’s Underwear.

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