The Thinking Man’s Guide to Sprezzatura

Being fashionable is like being powerful – if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

In the world of fashion and culture, no other concept embodies laid-back confidence better than sprezzatura. An Italian style from the fourteenth century, sprezzatura is a way of dress —and life— that is both elegant and nonchalant. It is the epitome of studied carelessness and, when executed correctly, becomes magnetism in distilled form.

From the courts of Venice to the boardrooms of Manhattan, sprezzatura has always been part of the thinking man’s fashion arsenal. Essentially, sprezzatura boils down to looking your best, without looking like you tried.

At Moseri Underwear, we think every gentleman needs a little sprezzatura in his life, and here’s why:


Whether it’s at the office or on a first date, confidence leaves a lasting impression. Sprezzatura is confidence without cockiness. A fitted suit, sans tie with collar unbuttoned. A silk pocket square carelessly folded. A velvet slip-on dress shoe in a room full of Oxfords. Sprezzatura means having the wherewithal to know the rules and the self-assurance to break them (well).


As the saying goes, sometimes it’s best to be underestimated. There’s a certain charm in letting loose and showing the world you don’t take yourself too seriously. A quirky, unconventional side can go a long way in winning over those around you and charming their pants off. Sprezzatura means knowing yourself, knowing your goals, knowing your audience, and keeping your cards close. A pair of brightly colored socks peeking out under pleated dress pants. Bedhead covered by a vintage Gatsby cap. A devilish grin and a Moseri borderless V-neck tee premium undershirt wrapped in a gentleman’s dressing gown.

Sprezzatura is refinement without pretentiousness and charm without approval seeking.


A gentleman’s image is often as important as his word. Sprezzatura allows for a level of personal control over your outward appearance that is unencumbered by expectation. From a rowdy game of HORSE to sailing in St. Tropez, sprezzatura is about wearing what’s comfortable in the most strategic way possible.

The goal is to look like you just threw it together, but plan for contingencies. A Moseri borderless tank keeping you dry underneath an untucked cotton guayabera. An evening ensemble that can easily be turned into a daytime outfit for the morning after. A scarf wrapped loosely around the head to divert UV rays during a summer day.

Sprezzatura is being in control while looking cavalier.

Let Moseri Underwear inspire your next sprezzatura look. Start basic, start at the heart of your wardrobe, your undershirts, and explore a timeless way to cultivate a new you.

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