Atlanta Falcons Win Best Dressed at Super Bowl

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Feb 01

Five days before the big day, the results are in!

The Atlanta Falcons have garnered the coveted title of “Best Dressed NFL Super Bowl Team.”

From quarterback Matt Ryan, to wide receiver Julio Jones to head coach Dan Quinn, the Atlanta Falcons live and breathe elegance and style. Although Gisele has tried her best to raise Tom’s understanding of the very tough sport of looking your best, it seems her efforts have not prevailed.

Come on, what’s with that ever present wool cap?

To be honest, the contest wasn’t even close.

Without a doubt, there is no comparison between the frumpy Patriots and the slick and sleek Falcons when it comes to looking the part. Both on the field and off, the Falcons radiate a quiet, timeless charm that echoes the warm southern elegance of their beloved hometown. New England may have its autumn colors, but the style and grace of Atlanta just can’t be beat.

But what’s their secret? What makes the Falcons so much more classy than those underinflated Patriots?

The answer may very well be the Egyptian cotton!

You see, rumors have it that the Falcons recently started leveraging a little-known fashion secret that has propelled them to the zenith of sporting good looks. Instead of relying on flashy tailored suits framed in expensive Italian sports cars, the Falcons have employed their famous step-by-step approach.

According to anonymous sources, the Falcons recently brought on a world renowned image consultant who taught them to begin getting dressed from the inside out. This almost certainly means wearing Moseri Egyptian cotton undershirts. Not only do these luxurious undergarments feel amazing, but they never fray or smell -regardless of the number of touchdowns you make.

In a private locker-room conversation our undercover correspondent believes he heard Julio Jones say, “when I put on my Moseri undershirt, I feel like a new man. And boy do the girls start drooling!” While this may not have been the exact quote, Jones’s undeniable magnetism must be due to something important, and we’re convinced that the patent-pending Moseri borderless design is playing an important role.

So, if you’d like to look and feel as awesome as our Atlanta heroes, we totally recommend that you click here to check out our amazing undershirts. It may take awhile before you make it to the Super Bowl, but just remember that nothing is impossible if you’re wearing pure Egyptian cotton!

Fun Fact: Did you know that actor Samuel Jackson worked as a vendor at the Falcon’s Fulton County Stadium up until 1991?