Under-inflated Patriots caught wearing cheap cotton

They won.
Fair and square.

So, we’ll start this post out with a genuine (if not heart-felt) congratulations to Tom Brady and the whole Patriots crowd.

It’s a truth we here at Moseri, a veteran-owned and Atlanta based company, are learning to live with.

But once that’s out of the way, it’s time we uncover the latest ugly truth surrounding the New England Patriots.

Yes, just a couple days after reaching the summit of football history, their whole team was spotted in public wearing cheap cotton undershirts!

Can you believe that?

I mean really. They win the friggin super bowl and then they’re seen splitting a 10 pack of K-Mart special undershirts?

Have they no shame?

You see, our beloved Falcons would never have committed such a travesty!

They understand the importance of looking fine and feeling finer. They totally grasp the importance of not having unseemly ridges mucking up their dress shirts. And most importantly, Falcons players, know how important a moisture wicking, organic Egyptian cotton undershirt is – regardless of whether you win or lose.

Obviously, the finer points of men’s fashion just haven’t reached the hallowed halls of the Patriot’s locker room.

Sure they can put a super bowl ring on every finger, but do you really think that makes for a great look on a Friday night? Of course it doesn’t.

So my friend, let me ask you one fundamental question:

Who do you want to model your image after? A bunch of knit-cap wearing super bowl champs, or a collection of awesome, classy underdogs who gave it their all?

I thought so.

In that case, hold your Falcon head up high and raise your arm in a proud salute.

You know that your super-comfy, super-absorbent Egyptian cotton Moseri undershirt will never let you down!

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