Discover the Essential “Under Your Scrubs” Undershirt

You already know this to be true.

The fabric on some uniform scrubs, required attire for health care professionals, can be unpleasant against the skin. Additionally, hospitals are notoriously cold, especially in the operating room. Moseri undershirts provide a soft, breathable yet insulating barrier between your skin and those scratchy scrubs.

After all, you can’t be a thinking man without being comfortable and collected.

Physicians and health care professionals that want to survive a long shift without embarrassing sweat marks on their scrubs rely on premium undershirts by Moseri. The organic Egyptian cotton of a Moseri undershirt wicks away sweat from the body and is quick drying, which avoids any unpleasant odor situations during those grueling hospital shifts.

A thinking man never lets anyone see him sweat.

As a physician, it’s important to look professional. Moseri offers a patent-pending borderless design that has proven not only to be extraordinarily comfortable but also ensures a smooth appearance under whatever you wear, from suit to scrubs.

A premium undershirt is a smart thing to wear.

It’s the organic Egyptian cotton that sets Moseri premium undershirts apart from the rest.

Due to its exceptionally long, fine yarn, the cotton used in a Moseri undershirt is extremely soft and luxurious. Not only is the fabric certified organic, our dyes are 100% natural and free of heavy metals and other irritants so you know your skin is going to love being embraced by a Moseri undershirt.

Our proprietary M-Knit™ technology is a Moseri exclusive method of weaving the cotton, which guarantees the highest thread counts per inch of any other premium undershirt. This makes our undershirts long lasting, extremely absorbent and creates a fabric that contours to your body and provides a perfect fit.

Genius? We think so too.

Our online store is open and we know you’ll be delighted with our premium undershirts from the moment you slip one over your head. The supreme comfort, durability, and style of a Moseri organic Egyptian cotton undershirt are waiting for you with just a click on the STORE link on the right.

Experience what health care professionals and other cerebral types know to be the world’s best undershirt.

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