Why My Man Wears Moseri Undershirts in the Summer

Undershirts are the bane of many women’s existence, yet they’re such a necessary item. Keeping a shirt clean that is designed specifically to absorb sweat can almost seem impossible.

But guess what?

There’s an undershirt that women can love just as much as their men do.

Once you get to know the Moseri undershirt, you’ll understand why men shouldn’t wear anything else during the summer, at least under their shirts.

Making Good Shirts Last Longer

No one wants to go out for a night on the town with someone who has sweat stains under their arms, and most men fully understand this. But undershirts do more than just prevent sweat stains during the big night.

They also keep your favorite shirts cleaner longer, which is essential when the shirts you like best on your man vary greatly from what he’d rather be wearing. If you can only convince him to wear one dress shirt you’ve picked out, you better keep it around and looking good for as long as possible.

Perking Up Those Pecs

We ladies have plenty of supportive and firming undergarments to choose from, but men are largely left to their own devices when it comes to body shaping.

A Moseri premium undershirt is far from a compression garment, yet it still has a very flattering effect on the male body. The organic Egyptian cotton we use not only absorbs more sweat, they provide a more streamlined look under the clothing.

This prevents the dreaded man nipple from making an appearance and makes those pectoral muscles your man is working on look just a little bit bigger and perkier.

Consider our organic Egyptian cotton undershirts, the Wonderbra for men.

Showing Off

Does your man always seem to undo his top buttons while you’re out on a steamy date? Instead of worrying about what will appear in the gap, rest assured knowing that the Moseri undershirt that peeks through looks good enough to show off.

Our bright white fabrics stay that way with regular washing, while other undershirts quickly turn yellow and leave stains in place.

Slipping Into Something More Comfortable

Tired of having a drawer full of lingerie while your man has no equivalent?

You won’t complain about your man’s habit of just wearing boxers around the house when he adds a sexy, muscle hugging undershirt to the mix.

Of course, they have to be from Moseri to actually be sexy, which is why we’re offering a 15% discount to new buyers.

Go pick out a few new shirts for your man and use coupon code NEWBIE15 when you order!

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