Upgrade Your Man – Special Price Available

Is your man starting to show signs of wear and tear?

Whether he’s still a young buck or is aging gracefully, it only takes one hot summer’s day to reveal that he’s not quite in his prime. We know the idea of hitting the dating scene again is out of the question, so why not just upgrade the man you already have waiting at home?

It’s a snap when you bring in a little help from your friends at Moseri Underwear.

What lurks underneath

Men are a complete package, and when one part of that package starts slipping, the whole thing starts to seem a little outdated. Fortunately, it’s not your man, it’s his undershirts!

That urge to use everything until it literally falls apart can be charming when you’re talking about a car or a tool, but that’s not how undershirts deserve to be treated.

They’re designed to soak up sweat and protect the fancier shirt on top, so naturally they have a limited lifespan. Don’t even have a discussion about it. Just slip those dingy, yellow, greasy feeling undershirts out of his closet, slip in a few new premium undershirts from Moseri Underwear, and you’ll have a sexier, more confident man before he even notices the difference.

Undershirts That Really Rock

Don’t underestimate the power of an undershirt.

This is the shirt that your man wears closest to his skin, so it has to be comfortable or he’s not going to make it through even one day at work without wiggling and itching himself against doorways.

It has to be absorbent or he’ll end up with the dreaded pit stains before the day is over.

Finally, it has to fit like a second skin, not too tight and not too loose.

Moseri undershirts do all of this and more because they’re made from premium organic Egyptian cotton. This is the smoothest, finest cotton available. It’s very absorbent but remains easy to wash so you don’t have to fight to keep the shirts white. We’ve worked hard on the fit of each size, giving the shirts a natural stretch for that form fitting cling without making a single man feel smothered.

Get Your Upgrade

Convinced that you can upgrade your man in one afternoon?

Go ahead and order a few undershirts to try out with the NEWBIE15 code to get 15% off.

Your man will soon be a believer, and after seeing how great he looks with a better undershirt, you will be too.

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